underflow: (aphrodite with pearls)
( 11 December 2011 04:33 pm)
Golden Aphrodite, fair and fearsome goddess,
mighty one whose will it is that the heart leads us
where the mind knows not to go; Aphrodite,
whose hand it is that guides us to the cliff's edge,
whose voice it that dares us to jump into the dark,
whose gift it is that love's reward is worth any risk.
Blessed Aphrodite, many have sought to turn
from you, but fire is fire, and feeling is feeling,
and neither can be contained by will alone.
Goddess, I thank you for moments free of reason,
I thank you for the dominion of desire.
Aphrodite, yours is the force of life, yours
the call of instinct; goddess whose power it is
that leads us to joy or desperation, I praise you
for your many gifts, I ask your blessing.
Dionysos, god who sees to the center
of being, god who stands on the edges,
whose arrival is sudden and swift, I call to you.
Dionysos, granter of revelations,
granter of pleasure and delight, the transport
of the spirit is yours to give. You know the way
to the soul, you hold the key to understanding.
Dionysos, guide me through uncertainty,
show me the comfort of the dark, of the night.
I pray to you, show me how to seek my nature,
open my heart to meaning, lead me to truth.
Ares, fierce-hearted son of Zeus and noble Hera,
full-famed you are as god of war. To you do soldiers
pray when battle is most heated, when mettle
is most needed. To you as well do we turn
in desperate times, to you do we call for strength,
for the spirit to endure. You understand the terror
of struggle and strife, you confront it in every way.
Ares, your courage is unquestioned, your might
and your prowess unequaled. Ares, friend to those
in direst need, I pray to you, grant me the nerve
to face what must be faced, grant me the will to do
what must be done, grant me the heart to forge ahead.
Clear-eyed Athena, unrivaled in wisdom,
daughter of Zeus and Metis whose craft and wit
excelled among the mighty Titans: Athena,
I pray to you. Wise in all things you are, goddess;
your cunning and guile are well known. In time of war
you have no equal in tactics or in strategy;
many armies have you guided to victory.
In time of peace your blessings fall on those whose work
is of the mind--friend of the philosopher,
the scientist, the student. Advisor of kings,
patron of clever heroes and bold-hearted
adventurers, defender of the thinker,
mistress of reason and understanding, goddess
to whom a strong arm and a sharp sword are nothing
without the sense to wield them well and the insight
to know when words are worth more than weapons.
Athena, grant me a sound mind and steady temper,
bless me with good judgment, show me the long view.
Wise and cunning Hermes, son of lightning-wielding
Zeus and Maia of the coal-black eyes. clever one
who knew from birth the power of a well-wrought word,
I pray to you. Hermes, friend of those who live
by the work of their wits, sweeten my words
that those who hear them find them agreeable,
sharpen my speech, grant to me skill in all the tricks
of discourse and the subtle arts of rhetoric,
teach to me the craft of persuasion, quicken
my mind, show me how best to parry the advances
of those who oppose me, show me how best to gain
the good will of those whose support I seek. Hermes,
grant that I use your gifts with care and wisdom,
grant that charm merely polish the truth of my words.
I call to you, bright Apollo, son of Zeus
and gentle-natured Leto, god whose many gifts
have enriched our lives, skillful maker of music,
crafter of words whose poetic might brings wonder
to the world of men. Shining Apollo, master
of the Muses, inspiration in art and song
is yours to give. I pray to you, O Phoebus,
touch my soul with beauty, touch my heart with light,
grant me the vision to transcend the self,
grant me the spirit to share what I see.
To grey-eyed Athena and strong-armed Hephaistos
I pray! Gods of skill, gods of craft, great friends you are
to artisans, to those who work with mind and hand,
to those who with the artist's eye create things
of use as well as beauty. In times of old
were you well honored for your gifts to mankind:
Athena the Worker, Hephaistos the Resourceful,
named so by men grateful for your many blessings.
I pray to you, great goddess and god: grant to me
the vision to create, grant me the ability
to bring those visions into being. Athena,
Hephaistos, grant to me the joy of the work.
Selene, white-armed mistress of the shining moon,
the silver crescent crowns your ebon hair; cloaked
in darkness you cross the cold night sky, O goddess.
To you, O Selene, I offer my greeting,
my praise, and my thanks for your many gifts.
Helios, bright-crowned son of Hyperion,
granter of vision, guardian of oaths, you traverse
the broad sky in your radiant chariot.
To you, O Helios, I offer my greeting,
my praise, and my thanks for your many gifts.
I pray to Artemis, noble-hearted daughter
of Zeus, ruler of the mountain and the wood,
roamer in the wilderness. Potnia Theron
were you named of old, lady of the beasts, mistress
of the animals. Under your care are the creatures
of the field and the forest, the sea and the sky.
I pray to you, Artemis, keep safe those helpless ones
who live their lives upon the earth, shield them from harm,
defend them from those who would destroy them, guide them
to flee and to hide from perils and foes. Goddess,
Artemis, I pray to you, shelter these wild ones.
underflow: (artemis)
( 19 November 2011 11:46 am)
I praise you, Artemis, free-hearted child of Zeus
and blessed Leto, courageous goddess who roams
the wildwood with silver bow at hand. Artemis
of many names, Artemis of many lands,
your temples stood shining and tall, in cities
and in villages. In the long days of summer
the maidens dance in your honor; in Brauron
were the little she-bears under your care.
Artemis, the mountains are yours to wander,
fleet-footed and firm of step; the wilds of the world
are dear to you, O guardian of wood and of beast.
Goddess who takes joy in dance and song,
companion of the laughing nymphs in all their play,
of all young maids you are the swiftest and the strongest,
the fairest and the first, in skill and grace the greatest.
Slim-ankled Artemis, free-footed, wild-haired girl,
with steps swift and silent you run through the wood,
your bow at the ready, your shafts sharp and deadly.
Far-shooting Artemis, keen of eye and strong of arm,
your aim ever true, you take your prey, goddess,
with a single strike. Artemis, I pray to you
as I begin my hunt--may my eyes be clear,
may my hand be steady, may the shots I fire
reach my target and no other, may any kill be quick.
I am grateful, goddess, for the meat on my table.
I am grateful, goddess, for the time I spend
in the cold, in the wood, hearing the silence;
I am grateful, goddess, for the time I spend
in your world. Grant that I take on this work
with honest intent, grant that I feel the weight
of what I do, grant that I honor the lives
that feed me. Mistress of the hunt, I pray to you.
I call to Tyche, friend of the Fates, mistress
of fair fortune who holds the rudder of all ships,
who bears the shining horn of Amalthea,
who wears the mural crown, whose face was graven
upon gold, tossed in the air when a choice need be made.
In times of old men named you Eutykhia;
they threw the dice with eyes tight shut and trusted
in your goodness. I call to you, Eutykhia,
I pray to you, O goddess, grant to me the good.
I pray to you, Euthenia, rich-tressed daughter
of Hephaistos and fair Aglaia, goddess
who grants the gift of abundance, that treasure
of certainty desired by all. I call to you,
Euthenia; I ask your favor. I pray to you
that we never hunger, that we never thirst,
that we ever have enough. I pray to you,
O goddess, free us from the fear of want,
grant to us the comfort of sufficiency.
Home-loving Hestia, fair maid who sits by the fire,
first-born of fearful Kronos and deep-souled Rhea,
goddess who is the beating heart of every home,
tender of the altar flame, guardian of the gate,
I pray to you this day, I ask your favor.
All who pass this threshold pass into your realm,
O goddess; may all who dwell within these walls
be under your protection. Hestia, eldest
of the deathless gods, I ask your blessing
on my home and on my family. May we live
our lives in joy and love, may our larder be full,
may we be sheltered from storms, kept safe from all ill,
may only those who wish us well make their way
to our door. Be ever welcome in our home,
O Hestia; be ever present in our hearts.
Clever Ariadne, child of seagirt Crete,
wise and cunning one whose agile mind finds purchase
on the frailest of notions, the slightest of signs,
goddess who turns, and turns, and turns again
until the way is clear. Ariadne, goddess,
I am blinded by expectation, shackled
by experience, bound to the proven and the known.
Open my mind to all that is possible,
light for me the paths long abandoned, long unknown.
underflow: (hephaistos)
( 13 November 2011 03:43 pm)
Hephaistos of the clever hands, the artist's eye,
the craftsman's care, ingenious Hephaistos who sees
what cannot be and brings it into the world,
inventive one whose works stir awe and wonder
in all who see, whose peerless jewels adorn the throats
of goddesses fair and mighty. Hephaistos,
friend of the blacksmith, the sculptor, the wright,
friend of all who seek to join the mind's devises
to the work of the hands, granter of skill
and vision to those who honor your art, to those
who are called to your craft, to those who seek your favor.
underflow: (ariadne)
( 13 November 2011 01:35 am)
Clever Ariadne, fairest daughter of Crete,
wise one, passionate one, goddess who knows much
of the heart and its demands, who woke all alone
on the white shores of Naxos, who was borne away
by wild-haired Dionysos to the high-reaching
halls of Olympos, to be his shining bride.
Graceful Ariadne, free-hearted one who dances
on the sand and in the temple, who knows the way
through any maze, who knows the way through any trouble.
Mistress of puzzles, mistress of answers, with wit
and with reflection you find the way to the self;
you find the way to the center and back again.
underflow: (hera)
( 12 November 2011 02:58 pm)
I praise you bright and noble Hera, great lady
of Olympos, gracious queen of the deathless gods,
dark-eyed goddess, fairest of the children of Rhea,
graceful and comely, cloaked in the starry skies,
garlanded in poppies fragrant and blood-red,
crowned in brightest gold, the lotus wand in your hand,
your form ever draped in the finest of silks,
majestic one whose blessing is sought by all,
whose gifts are treasured, whose favor is a surety
of good fortune. Hera, champion of great cities,
guardian of ancient Argos and the pretty isle
of Samos, warder of the bonds of marriage,
protector of women in the old world and the new,
unparalleled goddess, white-armed one, sovereign
of the high-reaching heavens, I honor your might.
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( 6 November 2011 02:28 am)
I praise the Fates, careful crafters of destiny,
daughters of Night, daughters of Necessity,
sparing ones, kind-hearted ones, relentless ones,
goddesses who grant to each one his portion,
mighty ones who hold in hand each mortal life,
a thread spun smooth and fine as a spider's web.
What is right, what is meet, is yours, O Moirae;
the power of Fate is the power of need,
the power of concord, the power of order.
The power of Fate is the power of death,
the power of life, each allotted as is fit.
Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, goddesses wise
and ancient, who sing of what is, what was,
and of what will be, long-revered ones who in times
of old received libations of sweet honey,
I honor your calling, I thank you for your gifts.
I pray to Boreas, god of the shrill north wind,
god of the winter; from your glacial halls
in the heights of Thrace you come to us each year,
bringing the bitter chill, the knife-sharp sleet,
the shivering cold, the blinding white skies.
Father of slim-ankled Khione, maid of the snows
whose hand it is that frosts the tender grasses,
I call to you. O Boreas of the violet wings,
grant to us a season mild and free of harm,
bringer of the gales of winter, grant to us
a season safe. Ward us as we walk the black ice,
keep us from the storm, O Boreas, I pray to you.
underflow: (hades and persephone)
( 20 October 2011 01:10 am)
I praise the fair-minded Furies, daughters of Ge,
daughters of starry-cloaked Ouranos her consort,
born of blood and betrayal. Your wrath falls upon
the oathbreaker, O righteous ones; your vengeance
is borne by the murderous, the villainous,
the faithless and the wicked. Couriers of justice,
harbingers of evil omen, curse-bearers,
gracious ones who demand from the wrongdoer
what penance is due, none can escape your swift
and certain sanction. Goddesses, I honor you.
Bright-veiled Hestia, heart of the happy home, goddess
who binds together a family, who strengthens
a city, the household is your temple,
the hearthfire your altar and your namesake. Hestia,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Hestia, wise one who oversees the family feast,
who guides the making and the breaking of bread,
to whom offerings are made at simple meal
or sumptuous banquet, Hestia of the oven-fire,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Hestia, gentle-hearted daughter of Kronos
and mother Rhea, first-born and last-born child
of Titans, dear sister of thundering Zeus
who gave to you a place of honor evermore,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Hestia who sits ever at the center of things,
who tends the flickering flame of sacrifice
with patience and with care, who receives the first
and the best portion of all due offerings,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.
Persephone of the new blossoms, companion
of the laughing nymphs, with whom you dance in flowered
fields, with whom you play at merry games. Goddess,
slim-ankled maid, fair and sweet as new spring blossoms,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Persephone, bearer of golden sheafs, bearer
of the fruit of the tree, corn-maiden who dwells
beneath the earth, who rises with the pale green shoots
each spring. Child of Demeter whose gifts are great,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Fair-haired Persephone, bride of noble Hades,
queen of the underworld, mindfully you tasted
the seed of the pomegranate, with love and care
you chose to bear that heavy crown. Persephone,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Good Persephone who makes welcome the dead
in the golden halls of Hades, kind-hearted one
whose grace it is that comforts those who have passed
from our world into your dark and distant realm,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Persephone, merciful maiden of the Mysteries,
friend of the happy dead who travel first to fair
Eleusis, who travel last to distant Elysion.
Rich-robed Persephone of ancient might, goddess,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.
underflow: (gaia)
( 17 October 2011 10:46 pm)
Well-honored Gaia, whose name is praised in every
land, whose voice is heard in dreams of prophecy,
whose vengeance falls upon the murderer, who bears
the weight of sorrow with serenity and strength,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Broad-bosomed Gaia, granter of the gift of life
to all who dwell on the green earth. mother of many,
of Titans and giants, all your children bound
to you by love, O Gaia of the great heart.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Gaia, companion of the Karpoi, those spirits
of fruit and grain who play at your feet, who dance
on the rich dark soil, who turn up their faces
in the warm soft rain, who take joy in the harvest.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Gaia on whom the oaths of men and women are sworn
with solemn words and honest hearts, Gaia who sees
all actions, who witnesses all vows, who rewards
the upright and punishes the faithless. Gaia,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Blessed Gaia who arose from formless Chaos,
bringer of order whose being and body
are held in common among all the far-flung realms,
whose spirit lies in all whose lives you hold in hand,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.
underflow: (hades)
( 16 October 2011 02:52 pm)
Noble Hades, lord of the afterworld, upon
your head the shining helm that veils the one it crowns
in darkness, within your grasp the fearful staff
with which you split the world asunder. Hades,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Hades, holder of all the wealth within the world,
yours are all the priceless treasures buried in
the earth's deep bones, the silver and the gold,
the copper and the iron, the many-colored gems.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Within your realm, O Hades, are treasures too
of life and abundance. The precious seeds of fruit
and grain, the soft black soil that clings to root and leaf,
without these gifts would mankind fail to flourish.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Kindly host of the dead, receiver of all who pass
from the earth into your deep, abyssal realm,
granter of rest for the weary, sweet reunion
for those too long parted by your well-wrought gates.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Fair-minded Hades, even-handed one who holds
in hand the lot of all whose earthly lives have ended.
The greatest of kings, the lowest of beggars,
all receive reward or sanction by your will.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.
underflow: (asklepios)
( 15 October 2011 02:54 pm)
Soft-voiced Epione, beloved of skillful
Asklepios, mother of learned daughters four:
Hygeia who grants us hale and hearty lives;
Akeso who knits our bones and cools our fevers;
Panacea who holds the cure of all that ails;
and Iaso who knows of many remedies.
Blessed Epione, easer of distress,
to you do we turn when the torments of ill health
grow great, when wounds and maladies consume the soul,
when pain is cruel, bitter beyond bearing;
then do you come, sweet goddess, bringing comfort
and relief, easing the hurt. Goddess, I praise you.
underflow: (eos)


( 15 October 2011 02:16 am)
Saffron-cloaked Eos, goddess of day's dawning,
in darkness you wake each morn, with rosy fingers
you unbar the gates of heaven. Day-breaker,
day-bringer, well-crowned goddess of first light,
at ocean's edge you dwell, with gentle hand you drive
your chariot of gold, exultant your heart with pride
and joy in the shining-maned steeds that draw it.
Golden-armed Eos, mother of the four winds,
mother of the dawn-star, mother of the even-star,
glorious is your spirit, beautiful your form,
your arrival inspires awe in all who greet the sun.
I praise your beauty and honor your might.
underflow: (poseidon)
( 14 October 2011 10:11 pm)
Poseidon of the white-capped waves, dark-haired
god of the the cold salt sea, of raging rivers
and sweetwater springs, ancient one, in Knossos
and in Thebes your name was known, carved with care
on tablets of clay, spoken softly, prayerfully,
in old Mycenae. World-shaker, god who holds
in hand the bones of the deep earth, in Corinth
were you well honored with games of skill and prowess;
throughout the land your temples stood, shining and tall.
The sea depths are yours, Poseidon; your palace lies
on the ocean floor, far removed from Olympos' heights
and yet a glorious dwelling in your wondrous realm.
Bearer of the trident, stirrer of storms, master
of horses, granter to mankind of many gifts,
Poseidon, mighty son of Kronos, I praise you.
underflow: (persephone)
( 14 October 2011 04:13 pm)
I praise Persephone, child of thundering Zeus
and all-nourishing Demeter, bride of Hades
who holds in hand the wealth of the deep earth.
Persephone who dances in fields of flowers
with the laughing nymphs, garlanded in brilliant blossoms;
Persephone who wears the heavy crown of queen
in Hades' dark and sumptuous realm, gracious and serene;
Persephone who with bright-haired Demeter
guides the fortunate soul to fair Elysium.
Graceful goddess whose feet sink into the fertile
soil or silently step through Hades marble halls,
Persephone who passes between the worlds,
who turns from girlish games to womanly pursuits,
blooming and ripening with the seasons. Kindly
Persephone, sweet as honey, I honor you.
underflow: (pan)


( 14 October 2011 03:11 pm)
Pan of the mountain peaks, Pan of the wilderness,
Pan who plays upon the pipes so sweetly, who dances
with the merry-hearted nymphs. Goat-footed god,
companion of the satyrs who take such joy in wine
and earthly pleasures, father of the wise Silenus
who took such care of deep-hearted Dionysos,
son of clever Hermes who took such pride in you,
his laughing, joyful child. In all the far-flung lands
there is none such as you, O Pan; stalker of beasts,
watcher of flocks, friend of the shepherd, friend
of the hunter, friend of those who find insight
and meaning in field and wood, who find beauty
and comfort in the rustic and the wild. Pan,
granter of instinct, I praise and honor you.
underflow: (hestia)
( 14 October 2011 12:22 pm)
Well-honored Hestia, queen of the hearthfire,
first among the deathless ones, first are the offerings
you receive, first are the blessings you provide.
Hestia, holder of the household, upholder
of community, tender of the flame in every
home, every city, every place where we gather
together to live our lives. First you are in tales
long told, eldest and youngest child of old Cronos
and clever Rhea; first you are in holy rites,
first you are in family custom, first to take
from simple meal or lavish feast. Where bread is broken,
where welcome is warm, we know your might. O goddess.
underflow: (hermes)
( 14 October 2011 02:00 am)
Keen-minded Hermes, light-fingered one, light-footed one,
quick and cunning, bright and merry, ever watchful,
ever agile, ever sharp of wit. The wings
at your feet carry you to any landing-place,
in any realm; wearing the cap of Aidoneus,
you tarry, unseen by mortal men. Wielder
of the golden sword, player on the shepherd's pipe,
god of herdsmen, god of thieves, god of cities
and of pastures, rustic and urbane, you walk
the line between contradictions. Hermes
of the borderland, Hermes of the threshold,
god of the uncertain, consistent and contrary,
you stand in the doorway, you stand at the edge;
the knife-sharp boundary between two worlds is yours.
Hermes, child of rich-tressed Maia and thundering Zeus,
I thank you for your many gifts, I praise your might.
underflow: (hera)
( 13 October 2011 02:13 am)
Hera of the deep heart, beautiful goddess
whose true radiance would blind mortal eyes,
whose steps fall softly in the golden halls
of storied Olympos. In silks your fair form
is draped, O Hera, heavy with jewels is your crown,
the sweetest of perfumes surround you; in ancient
times you received the highest honors, the finest
of offerings were ever yours, your shining temples
stood across the land. Hera, defender of cities,
protector of marriage, champion of the love
that upholds a family, that cherishes a child,
you are the friend of those who hold the household dear.
Queen of the heavens, holder of the lotus staff,
the poppy and the pomegranate have you
in hand. Hera, supreme in dignity and grace,
unsurpassed in goodness and kindness, I praise you.
underflow: (hephaistos)
( 13 October 2011 01:19 am)
Strong-armed Hephaistos, maker of miracles,
creator of the inconceivable, deviser
of clever machines, from your skillful hands
come intricacies undreamt of, gold and jewels
to please a goddess. Artisans and blacksmiths,
craftsmen and wrights of every trade, all look to you
for insight and revelation, all feel your hand
upon their own when in need of inspiration.
Hephaistos, visionary, you see beyond
what is practical, beyond what is beautiful.
In your hands molten metal flows like water,
takes its form like clay, swift and precise, each work
becoming more than what it is, each piece instilled
with the spark of the divine. Deep-hearted god,
Hephaistos, I praise you for the gifts you grant us,
I praise you for the ideal of artistry.
underflow: (hekate)
( 12 October 2011 06:37 pm)
World-wandering Hekate, night-loving goddess,
dweller in darkness, bearer of torches, between
the realms you pass with ease, made welcome in each,
made mighty in each. Whenever we move from one
place, one time, one state of being to another,
you are there to comfort us. Whenever we enter
or leave this life, you are there to carry us.
Whenever we are in fear or in need, goddess,
you are there to sustain us. Thrice-blessed Hekate,
friend of frail and fragile mortals, I honor you.
underflow: (hebe)
( 12 October 2011 02:24 am)
Hebe, fair-haired daughter of Zeus and great Hera,
bright-winged goddess, granter of the bloom of youth,
the vital spark, the love of life that drives a soul
to hold tight to the world. Hebe, cupbearer,
your glory it is to carry sweet nectar
and ambrosia to the deathless gods. Hebe,
companion of laughter-loving Aphrodite,
well-garlanded goddess, grace and beauty
are within you. Hebe of the fair ankles,
ever revered among gods and mortals both,
bride of great Heracles whose labors twelve are told
wherever legends flow. Friend of the Graces,
friend of dear Harmony, friend of the blushing bride
on her wedding day, friend of the supplicant
seeking pardon. Hebe, lovely one, goddess
of many blessings, I praise and honor you.
underflow: (hades)
( 11 October 2011 05:41 pm)
Great Hades, master of the darkened deep,
master of the realm beneath our feet who hears
the echoes of our steps, who takes the echoes
of our lives. Hades, you know the need for an end
to life, you know the worth of a well-deserved rest,
you know the thanks of men and women weary
from long lives of worry and toil, you know the joy
of sweet reunion as friends long parted join
together once again within your storied land.
The dim and misty underworld is yours, O Hades;
yours are the Fields of Asphodel, yours the endless
pits of Tartarus in which are cast the wicked
and the vile. Yours too are the Fortunate Isles,
the land of fair Elysium where dwell the righteous
and the good. Hades, receiver of burnt offerings,
receiver of the blood of beasts, well-honored god:
in the end, all come to you. Hades, I praise you.
underflow: (gaia)
( 11 October 2011 02:01 am)
Beautiful Gaia, mother of might, mother
of all things, mother of gods and giants,
mother of creation and of destruction.
From formless Chaos you arose, deep-hearted one;
in the time before time you took your ease, O Gaia.
You brought forth the shining sky to be your love,
to father your wondrous children. Gaia, mother
of Titans, mother of those called monster, all are yours,
all are loved, all are precious to you. I praise you,
goddess, for all you are, for all you have given,
for the love you bear for all who call you mother.
underflow: (eros)
( 11 October 2011 12:41 am)
Eros, ancient one, youthful one, holder of souls,
opener of hearts, you give and take with the same
spirit, the same fury, the same deft hand. Eros,
child of passion, driving force of the universe,
yours is the face of desire, yours the strength of love,
in you we see the world as once it was, in you
we hear the voice of lovers joined as one. Eros,
child of chaos, brother of sweet harmony,
yours is the cord that binds our lives together,
yours the scourge that drives us where our bodies lead,
in you we find purpose, in you we seek solace.
Eros, in my blood and my tears I know you,
in my pulse I feel your might, your call to life
above all. I thank you for your many blessings.


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a current, as of air or water, that flows below the upper currents or surface

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